Levi’s Nursery

i never thought i would be so particular about a nursery. even when i first got pregnant i said i would just buy some bedding and go with it. paint the room? nah. paint a mural? do you think i’m crazy?… well evidently i am. trying to find bedding for a baby boy is just about the most annoying thing ever. all the bedding is either “i wanna be a baseball player” or “i wanna drive a firetruck one day,” which is totally fine for some people, but i don’t know anything about those kinda things (and neither does david). so i decided i wasn’t going to do a theme. i just wanted a modern nursery, with modern geometric fabric, and paper lanterns over the crib. i’d have my theme in the colors. wrong again. because as soon as i began my quest for “modern fabric” on ebay, what should turn up but michael miller’s groovy guitar fabric:


seriously, how could i resist? and $30 for 5 yards? you can’t beat that. and so the journey began. so yes, i made my bedding: bumpers and cribskirt (what i said exactly i would not do). and yes, i even made the curtains. believe me, i tried to just buy some that would work, but i would get them home, hang them up, and hate them. and i figured since i had gone that far, why not paint the walls? our friend, david whitlow, painted them for us right before he left to move out to kansas city (and did a fabulous job). so that was easy. then about 5 weeks ago i decide that i am going to go for it: i’m going to paint a mural. after i did my thank you notes, i loved them so much and tried to think of a way i could incorporate them into the room. so my friend teresa and i brainstormed one afternoon and the rest is history.

here is levi’s nursery. it is now my favorite room in the house. it’s cozy, peaceful… and it just makes me happy!



so… it’s ready! now he’s just gotta get here. only 2 weeks to go…



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8 responses to “Levi’s Nursery

  1. It looks all of those things. You and David and Levi will spend more time in there than you would think, so be glad you did it. You won’t regret it.

  2. the nursery is perfect. brandon and i are so excited for you and david! i can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away; wow!

  3. amwirth1

    its almost time !!

  4. Hey! I found your blog – nice! Thanks for the Facebook notes! Yes, I love groovy guitar fabric!!! The taggies on my site are actually made by my friend Heather, though. She makes all kinds of good groovy guitar stuff – ( shop) – Levi’s nursery is adorable! I love paper lanterns and bright colors, too.

    We are excited for you and David! Becoming new parents is everything people tell you – wild, fun, amazing, scary, wonderful, beautiful – and you will know very soon!!! 🙂 Praying for you!

  5. The painting on the wall is AWESOME!

  6. Lydia

    His room is SO cute!! i love everything about it!!

  7. Hi there! I was actually looking through Google images to purchase the Groovy Guitar fabric and I came across you blog. I make Shopping Cart Covers for babies. And of course, offer them made in this print on my website, http://www.daisydreams.com. It is pictured there if you would like to check it out or have any questions. Your littles guys room is beautiful! I hope that you enjoy it. Smiles, Tina

  8. Sarah Cox

    You don’t know me…I don’t know you…I just fell in love with the Groovy Guitar fabric (especially since my husband is an amazing guitar player). I have a few ideas swirling around in my head for my son’s nursery, but can’t seem to nail things down. So of course I had to google…I typed in “groovy guitar nursery” (or was it nursery in groovy guitar?), anyway…you popped up! I love what you’ve done for your sweet Levi…
    Can I just tell you…
    My son’s name is Levi!
    I’ve always wanted to paint a tree in my baby’s nursery!
    I love the paper lanterns and am kicking myself for selling my TWO tourquise lanterns in a garage sale right before we recently moved! Arg…
    Thank you for posting…Love what you’ve done and I appreciate the inspiration!

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