life… in abundance.

first i must start out with a confession: i have not kept up with the picture a day thing. i will try to do better in the future, and really, that’s all i can promise. haha. i will TRY. chasing after an almost one year old while being 20 weeks pregnant kinda takes a toll on you. need i say more? so. i order to make up for my absence, i will give you one seriously precious picture, along with the story behind it.

this is our daughter, Zoe:

before i even knew i was pregnant, i was putting levi to bed for the night and praying over him as i rocked him to sleep. i looked up at his name painted on a canvas that is hanging over his crib, and instead of “Levi” i saw “Zoe”. and then i felt like the Lord said, “her name is Zoe.” i proceeded to ask Him who exactly He was talking about, but that’s all i got: “her name is Zoe.” okay…

so fast forward about 2 months, when i found out i was pregnant. (again. really? that still blows my mind.) i remembered this whole scene, and i finally looked up what the significance of “Zoe” is. leave it to God to have the perfect name already picked out:

Zoe means LIFE. one of the most prominent verses that “zoe” is used in the Bible is John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

how appropriate. how perfect. how could we possibly name her anything else?

how hard the enemy tried to take the ability to create life away from us. how victorious is the LORD who not only gave us Levi, but gave us “life abundantly” with Zoe. how GREAT is our GOD?

so when we saw this ultrasound and found out that this is Zoe, my heart smiled so big i could hardly contain myself. this is our little girl. this is life. it screams defeat over the theif, and i absolutely love it.



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14 responses to “life… in abundance.

  1. Shawn Thompson

    Lauren- I absolutely love this! How could anyone doubt that God speaks to us personally or that God is SO in control. Your words are precious and I love that God is writing such an awesome story through your family….ah….God is so so so good.

  2. meg

    this is so much better than amazing. i love it. God is so good and awesome!!

  3. Sarah

    oh Lauren I could cry! I love your story. God really is good, all the time.

  4. Christian Pruitt


  5. Tammy

    Lauren…that is so great!! Zoe/Life is beautiful and will be beautiful! I know of what canvas you speak of and that is pretty cool. Chill bumps and happiness for you and your family! Being a good listener and paying attention is so important!

  6. I love it! So amazing!!! I’m so happy for you guys!

  7. RRRAAAAAAAWRRR!!! Oh my goodness this put goose bumps from my head to my toes and absolutely filled me with an enormous, righteous BOOYAH!!

    So good, I can’t wait to see little Zoe 🙂 And yes, the perfect name.

  8. as i was reading this aloud to stephen i couldn’t contain the tears of joy that i feel for you. zoe’s life is so blessed already! we are beyond excited for you and david!

  9. this is amazing lauren! we are so happy for you guys; what a beautiful story of His faithfulness!

  10. Weeping, smiling,laughing…swept away for you and with you, on a wave of happiness and awe.

  11. kim! I love this story! Absolutely beautiful! I seriously got chills while my eyes filled with tears!!

  12. Nan

    Lauren, you gave me goosebumps and make me want to cry! We do have a great God! Praise Him! Praise Him!! Why don’t I trust Him more??

  13. Amy

    hey lauren…you don’t really know me, we’ve met once I think, I visit your blog occasionally from my sisters…anyway, I have come by in a while, and just saw you are pregnant again congrats! I love the story of her name, and I thought I’d share my similar story. Last June I was sitting in church next to my husband listening to the message , and out of the blue, the name “Ezra Jack” came to me, and I leaned over to my husband and said “If we have another baby and it’s another boy, we can name him Ezra Jack” really not thinking much about it since I had a 2 year old and a 6 month old already, and not planning to be pregnant again anytime soon…well lo and behold, I was already pregnant, and didn’t know it, and it was another boy. Little Ezra Jack will be 3 weeks old on Thursday…isn’t it nice when the Lord just gives you such a clear cut direction like that??

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