the new walker family…

i’m back… or at least trying to be. here’s some updates in the walker household.

let me start off by saying, having 2 kids is crazy. i always thought that going from 0 to 1 would be the hardest. it makes sense. you don’t have a child one day and the next you do have one. total life change, right? right. so obviously when going from 1 to 2 i thought i might have it a little under control. well, almost 11 weeks later, i can finally say that i am just NOW getting things a LITTLE under control. a little bit. having two in diapers is HARD. not really the diaper part (unless you want to count zoe’s ability to blow out at least a diaper a day), but just the communication part. levi is just now understanding me when i tell him that he cannot get in the bouncy seat while zoe is in there… or hold onto both my legs wanting to be held while i am carrying his sister. he might not like the fact that he has to wait, but at least he understands.

speaking of communication, i think levi is learning a new word everyday. some of his favorites: da (for daddy), mama, more, cracker, juice, wa-wa (water),  nana (banana), apple… (can you tell he likes to eat?), hot, lala (for elmo… la la la la elmo’s world), done, pool, yo ga ga (yo gabba gabba), up, off, on, rock, car, truck, round n’ round,  and kyle (evidently he loves david’s brother). there are others, but we hear these on a regular basis, plus a new word a day. yesterday’s words were clap and school. yes, he goes to school now. 3 days a week, and he has really started to enjoy it. he feels like such a big boy carrying in his spiderman lunchbox. i love it. things he loves to do: go to the pool, jump up and down on the couch (with or without help… he’s supposed to wait for help but he’s a toddler and thinks he’s invincible), looking for rocks, dancing to yo gabba gabba, and climbing on EVERYTHING.

but here’s the million dollar question: what does he think about zoe? well, he LOVES her. he always tries to bounce her in the bouncer, give her a paci (which ends up being shoved in her cheek but hey, he’s trying), give her a stuffed animal, or “be sweet” by rubbing her head. the other day i caught him trying to brush her non-existent teeth with his toothbrush and putting his play phone up to her ear (evidently the person on the other end wanted to say hello). so yes, he DOES like her…. but he doesn’t necessarily like it when people are holding her instead of him though. he’s getting better at waiting his turn.

here is a recent picture of the little guy:

now onto zoe. oh sweet zoe. she’s two months old, and such a good baby. she isn’t really bothered by levi trying to “play” with her, and she watches him all the time. zoe loves to smile and coo, especially at her daddy. no one can get her to smile like david. can you tell that he, too, is smitten with his little girl?

with this smile, how could you not be?



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3 responses to “the new walker family…

  1. Tammy

    Adorable!! Beautiful babies!!

  2. gosssshhhh they are adorable!!

  3. Caley

    LOVE that you have started your blog again Lauren and I love this entry! Your family is beautiful and I have always been encouraged and inspired by your faithfulness in God especially when it came to being blessed with children! The kids are gorgeous!!

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