free tv, constant vacuuming, and sleep

so david and i canceled our satellite. now we only have an hd antenna, and to tell the honest truth, i haven’t missed having a satellite one bit. not only is it saving us $90 a month, but the down time that i DO have (once in a blue moon), i don’t spend in front of the tv. i actually do things that NEED to be done, like… well… CLEAN.

you think that adding a child to the family only doubles the work, but it fact it raises it exponentially. how this happens, i do not know. i DO know that i unknowingly contributed to it the moment that i gave achilles away to some great friends of ours. i never knew how much of a professional vacuum cleaner he was until he was gone. especially having a toddler who loves to tote around pretzel sticks (then steps on them to create pretzel DUST), cereal bars (then smears them into the floor), and apple slices (then spits out just the skins and wipes them on the floor). leaving david and i to only sigh and come to this realization: we need to vacuum EVERY DAY. do we? unfortunately, no. only when we are brave enough to risk waking sleeping babies do we do this at night, and if it’s during the day, levi follows us around the entire time trying to “help” by turning the vacuum cleaner off and on. so really it just depends on what battle you feel like fighting at the moment. right now, i feel like fighting that battle for sleep. for now, the vacuuming can wait.

hey… this is my life. and you know what?

i wouldn’t trade it for the world…


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