sleeeeeep #…

when david and i are chatting with a couple who are either a) about to get married or b) just married, we have 2 things that we always tell them is essential:

1- communication.

and 2- a king size sleep number bed.

i know, it’s a tad specific. but seriously, neither one of us have EVER slept so well in our entire lives as we did the first night we slept on a king size sleep number. and, to be honest, there were no more fights in the middle of the night telling the other that he or she is being a bed hog. i seriously remember being so stubborn as to getting up in the middle of the night to turn on the overhead light just so he could SEE how much space he was taking up.

having a sleep number is wonderful. it’s kinda like a dvr. you keep holding off and holding off and finally give in. then once you got it, you never want to go without it again. (which may be a bad analogy for me, seeing as how i blogged earlier about not have satellite or cable, only antenna, but i’d like to add a disclaimer that i DESPERATELY miss my dvr.)

we used to have a queen sized regular bed during the first year of our marriage. i cannot tell you how many times i woke up almost falling off the bed from lack of sleep space. and uncomfortable, too hard of a sleep space at that. then we sold our house and had to live with my parents for a few months, and that is when we were introduced to the sleep number. the rest, as they say, is history. not a day goes by that i am not eternally grateful to my parents for so graciously letting us take the wonderful bed with us when we moved into our new house.

these days, i’ve fallen even more in love with my sleep number. right now, there is not a better feeling in the world than crawling into my #15 side of the bed in the middle of the night after being up to feed zoe at 3:00am. no tossing and turning required, just a swift move in, lay my head on my lovely brookstone super soft nap pillow, and simply drift off to sleep as i dream about how completely comfortable i am.

and don’t think that i love it more than david. i promise, every single time he comes home from traveling, he lays down and literally says out loud, “this is seriously, the most comfortable bed EVER… there is nothing like it.”

so from the bottom of our hearts, mom and dad, thanks for the king size sleep number.

and to all you couples out there: take the advice. it’s completely worth it.



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2 responses to “sleeeeeep #…

  1. Mom

    You are welcomed, sweet peets! I know how much sleep is valued for ANY woman!! The sleep number is perfect for you since David can have his firm setting and you can have your soft setting and both sleep great! It is also good that the bed is big enough for David to “spread out.” I know that Zoe likes it as well. Does that mean that a sleep number is in the works for her as well?

  2. Nan

    Hey Lauren! So glad to read another post from you. Love it! Miss you lots! Your family is beautiful!

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