anyone in there?

1.27: (warning… chubby baby booty below)

he’ll be so embarrassed when he’s older…


benefit concert for haiti at the channel…


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1.24 & 1.25 : “favorites”


my favorite lamp. i got the lampshade at an antique sidewalk sale for $5.


new favorite game: spin the top!

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okay so i’m not gonna lie. i’ve been slack. i missed sunday’s pic of the day AND thursday’s pic of the day. but i did get the other days… i’ve just waited until now to post them. here’s why.

i’ve been super busy trying to get my magazine done, that (although i’m super embarrassed to say this) thursday i sat at my computer all day in my pajamas working.  so i decided to make a rule: if i ever miss a day, i get to steal a picture from one of my friends that has caught my eye. so this picture is for sunday… and it has caught more than my eye… it caught my heart. sunday’s stolen picture is from kim and dave rhodes. it’s a picture of kim and their son, frankie.


kim and dave have been in the adoption process for 2 years, trying to adopt frankie from haiti. they were mostly through the process when the earthquake came and devastated the entire haitian population. i cannot begin to imagine the agony of hearing this news and not knowing if your own son is unharmed… and not being able to get to him. thankfully, kim and dave found out soon after the earthquake hit that frankie is okay. the orphanage he was staying in, however, was not.

now listen as i begin to tell you how amazing the Lord of All is…

the rhodes made it their mission to get their story heard. they want their son with them, and literally have done everything in their power to make it happen. it started with an interview on the local news, letters to ANYONE in the US government who could help, and then somehow kim and dave rhodes were on the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. diane had visited the house where frankie’s orphanage had been moved to this past weekend, and when she picked frankie up and said, “hey frankie” i’m sure that there are no words that could have described kim and dave’s heart at that moment. it’s one thing to hear that your son is okay, but to see him… and see someone pick him up and speak his name… i’m sure they felt relief like they had never felt before.

and then, the impossible happened. everyone got word that frankie was coming home. the government issued humanitarian parole, so now frankie can come home and live until the adoption process is finally complete.

i admire kim so much. she is the pure example of a mother who will stop at NOTHING to be with her son. she literally did everything in her power to get her son home, and as of today, january  23, 2010, i’m so thrilled to say that frankie is at home, in greer, south carolina, with the most amazing family who loves him more than anyone will ever know.

so… to get me to stop crying… i will proceed with the other pictures of the day…


levi trying to play the piano with david. he loves music, he loves instruments, and he loves doing anything with his daddy.


silly bands. i had never heard of these, but evidently they are super popular right now with kids. i took a picture of them for an ad in the magazine.


the flaming volcano at kanpai. we celebrated david’s mom’s birthday there wednesday night.

1.21: guest pic taken by amanda bass

levi and his friend, rome, playing together. it looks more like they are fighting, but evidently they were trying to feed each other that green toy, and taking turns doing so.


this is rome’s mom, amanda. if she read my blog, she would kill me for putting this up. good thing she doesn’t read my blog 😉

and last, but certainly not least…


frankie rhodes is home. praise the Lord!


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2 pics of the days… wedding weekend edition!

1.16: photo booth at michael and morgan’s wedding… oh yehhhhh.

1.15: the rehearsal dinner

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oobie and doobie… mama doris’ fishies.

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me and my shadow…

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took pictures for the magazine today… anyone have $80 i can borrow? except i need an “L”…


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